Guardian Relics
Patricia Cochran

"The Three Fates" (triptych) 30" x 9"
2011 Western Oregon Regional Juried Exhibition, Coos Bay Art Museum
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In January 2011, Pat began creating small relic-like figures. The figures evoked enigmatic echoes of forgotten peoples, rituals, and relics. They demanded a quieter, closer, more personal, interaction with the natural world from a society that moves at the speed of the Internet.
The Guardian Relics have resonated with people!
Over 150 of them found homes in private collections throughout Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Utah, South Carolina, New York, Vermont,
Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Hong Kong, and Kuwait!

The Guardian Relics are shown at the Freed Gallery in Lincoln City, OR on the beautiful Oregon coast, NW Native Expressions Gallery in Sequim, WA, Valley Art in Forest Grove, OR and the River Gallery in Independence, OR.

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Read Pat's Artist's Statement about her Guardians

The Guardians
"The Guardians"    40" x 40"
2011 Wild Women Annual Juried Show, Independence OR

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Curly willow arms, vintage rhinestone sash, sequins, silver lame', rose hip feet, hand-dyed face fabric, sari brocade.

Guardian Relic

Horse hair, gold lame', pine needles, alder cones, ribbon, parrot & guinea feathers, ribbon, fabric & rhinestones.

Poppy pod arms, vintage braid hair, timothy grass, chinese brocade, satin ribbon & lace, rhinestones and "pearls".

Guinea, parrot, macaw, & marabou feathers, rose hips, lichen hair, & rhinestones.

Blackberry twig arms, seashell headdress, Port Orford cedar cone feet, glittered ribbon, "pearls" & rhinestones.

Satin, macaw & peacock feathers, horse hair, rhinestones, ribbon, dyed fabric from blackberries and black tea, and thread.

Parrot feather & timothy grass arms, pine needle crown, vintage buckskin skirt, horse hair underskirt.

Willow twigs, tartan, straw, wood, rhinestones, fabric, thread, satin and jeweled clasp.

Belgium tapestry, dried grasses, poppy pods, ribbon, copper wire, rhinestones, duck & ostrich feathers, coffee dyed fabric and thread.

Guardian Relic with parrot feathers

Parrot feathers, willow twigs, pumpkin tendrils, ribbon, horse hair, gold lame', rhinestones, fabric, and thread.

Macaw feathers, rose hip hair, wheat stalks, vintage tassels, satin fabrics, hand-dyed face fabric.

Pine needles, lace, pearls, straw, denim, poppy pops, wood, dyed fabric from coffee & black tea, rhinestones.

Macaw feathers, lichen, pine needles, rhinestones, fabric, wood, thread, and fabric dyed with blackberries & tea.

Denim, pussywillows, straw, string, rhinestones, moss, fabric, wood, and thread.

Guardian Relic

Straw, moss, peacock feather, beads, satin, wood, filbert twigs, rhinestones, ribbon, fabric, and thread.

Wheat stalks, ribbon, papaver pods, fabric, garlic blossom, rhinestones, wood, and thread.